Table sola.system.br_validation
Identifies the set of rules to execute based on the user action being peformed. E.g. approval of an application, cancellation of a service, etc.
Tags: FLOSS SOLA Extension, Business Rules

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id varchar 40 uuid_generate_v1() Identifier for the br validation
br_id varchar 100 br_validation_br_id_fk108 R
The business rule referenced by this br validation record.
target_code varchar 20
br_validation_target_type.code br_validation_target_code_fk110 R
The entity that is the target of the validation E.g. application, service, rrr, etc.
target_application_moment varchar 20  √  null
application_action_type.code br_validation_target_application_moment_fk113 R
Identifies the application action the rule applies to. E.g. approve, validate, etc. Only valid if target_code is application.
target_service_moment varchar 20  √  null
service_action_type.code br_validation_target_service_moment_fk114 R
Identifies the service action the rule applies to. E.g. complete, start, cancel, etc. Only valid if the target_code is service.
target_reg_moment varchar 20  √  null
reg_status_type.code br_validation_target_reg_moment_fk115 R
Identifies the entity status the rule applies to. E.g. current, pending, etc. Only valid if target_code is one of ba_unit, cadastre_object, source, rrr or bulkOperationSpatial.
target_request_type_code varchar 20  √  null
request_type.code br_validation_target_request_type_code_fk111 R
Used as an additional filter for the set of business rules to run by ensuring the rule is only executed if the service type (a.k.a. request_type) matches the specified value.
target_rrr_type_code varchar 20  √  null
rrr_type.code br_validation_target_rrr_type_code_fk112 R
Used as an additional filter for the set of business rules to run by ensuring the rule is only executed if the rrr type matches the specified value.
severity_code varchar 20
br_severity_type.code br_validation_severity_code_fk109 R
The severity of the business rule failure.
order_of_execution int4 10 0 Number used to order the execution of business rules in the rule set.

Analyzed at Tue May 31 09:59 NZST 2016

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc br_validation_pkey
br_id + target_code + target_application_moment Must be unique Asc/Asc/Asc br_validation_app_moment_unique
br_id Performance Asc br_validation_br_id_fk108_ind
br_id + target_code + target_reg_moment Must be unique Asc/Asc/Asc br_validation_reg_moment_unique
br_id + target_code + target_service_moment + target_request_type_code Must be unique Asc/Asc/Asc/Asc br_validation_service_moment_unique
severity_code Performance Asc br_validation_severity_code_fk109_ind
target_application_moment Performance Asc br_validation_target_application_moment_fk113_ind
target_code Performance Asc br_validation_target_code_fk110_ind
target_reg_moment Performance Asc br_validation_target_reg_moment_fk115_ind
target_request_type_code Performance Asc br_validation_target_request_type_code_fk111_ind
target_rrr_type_code Performance Asc br_validation_target_rrr_type_code_fk112_ind
target_service_moment Performance Asc br_validation_target_service_moment_fk114_ind

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